A Chocolate/Red-berry Affair (Earth). By Ari Labadi.

Hello guys!

It’s a new quarter, but I think I can still sneak in a “Happy New Year!”. It’s been months since the last post, and that’s because, well, I’ve been on the paper chase, and I also wanted to be more intentional with the shoots that I do. I want us to be able to tell stories with the photos on here, and so there had to be a break, to refocus. But we’re back now, and hopefully more consistent. Which brings me to this post. Ari Labadi and I have great plans to execute, and this is just the beginning. It’s the first in the series, so please look out for the others in the coming weeks.

It’s a Chocolate & Red Berry affair. Chocolate meets Red Berry; they realize how good, how tasty they are together, and so they together went on a journey to explore the beauty of their union. They wanted their love affair to be well grounded, and so they started out with earth and earth tones, allowing the elements around them bless and compliment their union, making them look even better together. And then the sun shone down on them, and it was beautiful when Ari Labadi captured it…


This shoot was made possible because:
Creative Direction was handled by Ari Labadi & myself
The bustier was provided by Zhena’s Closet
Styling was handled by Henry Uduku
And makeup by Beauty by Bumia

Are wondering where they take it next?

Dark-skinned Female


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