An Introduction. By Kene Nwatu.

I’m here again. 🙂 And with someone new this time.

Guys, this is the work of Kene Nwatu. I came across on his Instagram account, and I thought “This is absolutely sick!” First, i’m a sucker for photos in black and white, and then there’s this realness to his photos, maybe with the way he edits, that almost makes you feel like you can reach out and touch his subjects.
So when Kene suggested that we shoot something, I was ecstatic. I’m usually wary of awkwardness when working with people i’m not familiar with, but there was none of that here… I’m typing too much, look at the photos already.

Aniola 10Aniola 07Aniola 08Aniola 05

I’ve dubbed these edits “The Kene effect”. They have this really wavy effect. All the while I was waiting for images, I’d offer a silent prayer every other minute that he’d use the effect because it was one of the things I liked the most about his work, and alas my prayers were answered!

Aniola 01Aniola 03Aniola 02Aniola 09

Trippy, isn’t it? Well, I’m definitely here for more collaborations with Kene, and also just generally rooting for him in life, because it’s always great to see young talented people succeed, and i’d like to believe we’ve become fast friends.

Dark-skinned Female


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