The Impromptu Photoset. By Mr. Wentz.

Hey guys!

So this shoot wasn’t exactly planned. Mr. Wentz and I had been having talks about shooting something soon, but we hadn’t concluded on the theme and the where. But then he hit me up one day, says let’s try something at Location XY, and we came up with these!

The location is this nicely hidden spot in Lagos, if you know, you know. And mostly because of the beautiful mud wall and all the greenery, I’m not telling where it is (if you don’t know) 🙂

But of everything i like about these photos, the edit-filter-magic is on top of the list.

Amiola [silver]Amiola [silver]-4Amiola [silver]-3Amiola [silver]-2Amiola [silver]-6

So yeah, we’re definitely going back for more photos. Right, Mr. Wentz? Guys?

Dark-skinned Female.


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