Black is Gold. By Ari Labadi.

How much love do you have for your skin colour? When I was in high school, I got teased for being dark. Got called names like “Blackie-Chan”, “Black mamba”, “Blacktus”, “Dudu”, etc., but it never really phased me. And i’m glad it didn’t, because I love and celebrate my skin colour more with each passing day. Can I get an Amen?

This set of photos blew my mind when I saw them. I feel a “Dark-skinned Female by Ari Labadi” exhibition coming sometime in the future. Ari’s always looking to experiment with lights and colours (might be because they always turn out beautifully), so we tried things out with shades of gold, yellows and reds.

AMI_JUNE-3661-Edit-2AMI_JUNE-3494-EditAMI_JUNE-3689-EditAMI_JUNE-3513-EditAMI_JUNE-3515-EditAMI_JUNE-3627-EditAMI_JUNE-3701-2(Haha! I’ll remember to iron next time 😉 )

So, are you mind blown as well? Or was that just me hyping?

Dark-skinned Female.


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